Here are photos from various points in my life.

Hear I am as a toddler in 1962, beginning my literary career.

1966 David, Dennis, and Derrick in Philadelphia.

1973 Todd Christemson, Larry Ferguson, Dale Novak, and Derrick.  Nerd buddies playing with puppies just before my family moved from Wisconsin to Boston.

My first day in Oregon.  July 1979: Dad (Bill), Dennis, and Derrick.  The Columbia river is behind us.

My first car, my grandmother's 1988 Valient.  I drove it out to Oregon from Minnesota and had it repainted in 1979.

1983 as Ast. Scoutmaster of Troop 799, Tigard, OR. I was Scoutmastrer for 7 years, plus many more as an Ast. Scoutmaster.

Following is a photo of me at the top of Mt. Hood, OR in 1984. It was my first of seven assents of this beautiful mountain. As Scoutmaster, I was leading the older scouts of Troop 799 on this high-adventure outing. My buddy, James Worley, took the photo.

In 1985 I earned a Gold Congressional Award for voluntary public service, personal development, and physical fitness.

The Duehrens in 1996: Dennis, Bill, Mickey, Dave, and Derrick

I was heavily involved in my first political involvement: the Obama 2008 campaign.  Here I am, in the middle of the 75,000 that showed up to hear Barack Obama speak to Portland, OR on May 18, 2008. 

My current car is this 2007 Mazda 3 with leather seats and power everything.  I added a trailer hitch to pull my utility trailer.

Jeannine and Derrick at Yelowstone Park August 2010.

Derrick and Jeannine's 10/15/2010 Wedding.

Clowning around in 2012

2011 Christmas.  Our Macaw, Madeline, is on my shoulder.

Derrick' and Jeannin'e 6-acre Old Mill House shortly after moving in.   We have 3 horses, three dogs, three cats, 8 chickens, and a Macaw.


Following are photos of some of the major remodeling we did to make this house livable.  This is the Kitchen before and after.  Derrick did the work himself with the help of some hired laborers.

Living room

Master bedroom