1962: Derrick as the youngest of three boys, David, Dennis, and Derrick.

1966: The three boys on Philadelphia

1973:  Todd Christianson, Larry Ferguson, Dale Novak, and Derrick.  Nerd buddies playing with puppies just before my family moved from Wisconsin to Boston.

1975: Mark Burgess, Derrick, Brain Burgess, Dennis.

 July 1979: My first day in Oregon.  Dad (Bill), Dennis, and Derrick.

My first car, my grandmother's 1968 Valiant.  I drove it out to Oregon from Minnesota and had it repainted in 1979.

1980: I attained the rank of Eagle Scout.  I stayed in Scouting, becoming an Ast. Scoutmaster, and then Scoutmaster.

1983: Derrick an a newly trained Scoutmaster of Troop 799, Tigard, OR.

1984: Me at the top of Mt. Hood, OR.  It was my first of seven assents of this beautiful mountain. As Scoutmaster, I was leading the older scouts of Troop 799 on this high-adventure outing. James Worley, took the photo.

1985: I was Scoutmastrer for 7 years, plus many more as an Ast. Scoutmaster.

1985: Receiving a Gold Congressional Award in Washington DC for voluntary public service, personal development, and physical fitness.

1987 Married Roxanne Kuehn

1992 Backpacking in Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington.

1995 Derrick and Roxanne on a horse ride in Hawaii

1996: The Duehrens: Dennis, Bill, Mickey, Dave, and Derrick 

2007 In back yard of a rental home.

2009: Dewey's first day.  In back yard of rental house in Tigard.

2010: 2nd Date with Jeannine

2010: Jeannine and Derrick at Yellowstone National Park.

2011: Xmas with Jeannine and Madeline the McCaw

2012: Derrick and Jeannine as Clowns for a city parade

2013: Our humble little home and animal rescue on 7 acres.

2014: Derrick and Jeannine in our backyard

2016: Derrick and Jeannine in Greece

2017: Jeannine and Derrick with our first rescue Burrow, Tucco.

2018: Derrick and Jeannine with friends in Venice, Italy.

2018: Jeannine and Derrick on Kauai, Hawaii